Risk Management


Custom solutions for high hazard and speciality

Estates and Forestry

We consider our company operates in the broad base of “Risk Management” as well as a traditional security company. We prefer to build long-term relationships with our clients through relevant and up to date Risk Management solutions. Access, Permits, Gates, Key & Lock systems, Fire prevention and Fire season Patrols, stock & equipment theft. Minimising risk to Crops, plant and equipment damage, employee theft, unlawful entry, issuing & enforcing trespass orders, illegal hunting & associated unlawful use of private property.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property

Our experienced staff are experts in the design of total security solutions. We can advise you on perimeter security solutions such as, fences, gates, locks and lighting. We can design, supply, install, maintain and monitor (if required) a full range of internal and external CCTV systems. The same applies to internal, external, environmental and intruder Alarm and Fire Detection Systems.

Personal Security

We advise on and provide security solutions for individuals who may be working alone or in high risk security and safety circumstances. We provide a number of our clients with a security presences when closing their business outside of normal operating hours. This is often combined with a staff escort from your premises to their vehicles or other transport at night.

Cash Carry, Valuables and Banking Services

We advise on and design safe and secure cash banking services, this includes the provision to or removal of cash from a clients premises. We also provide secure storage facilities for data and other items of value such as coins, art and other valuables. This can be provided on a casual (while you are away) on more long team basis.


Anyone can offer security, but not everyone can keep you and your property safe.