Alarms & CCTV


ISCL service division sells, installs, maintains and develops a wide range of Alarm Systems from residential through to high end use.

Our Technicians have in excess of 75 years industry experience. Our Senior Technician is also a qualified and currently Registered Electrician. Which in turn allows us to install systems that require specific power and wiring solutions without the need for our clients to employ a separate Electrical Contractor to complete the installation. Our technical services team operates from a purpose equipped building and mobile vehicles. We have a technology showroom in Whakatane.

ISCL service division sells, installs, maintains and develops a wide range of Alarm Systems from residential through to high end use. This includes the installation of Medical and Panic (or duress) Alarm Systems. Residential Alarms (Pet Friendly), Glass Break Detectors, Alarm Code and Touch Screen Panels, Door Switches, Domestic and Commercial Smoke Alarms, Heat Detectors and Outdoor Security Systems. ISCL is experienced in installing and monitoring Environmental Alarm Systems for the control and monitoring of systems such as fire, air quality, temperature, pressure and related activities.

CCTV Systems

ISCL supply, install and maintain an extensive range of camera’s including homes, small businesses, shops, dairies, supermarkets and hospitals. Camera’s monitor windows, doorways, yards, industrial complex’s, factories and timber mills.

We have the ability to Monitor cameras from our control room as a Video Verification of alarm activations.

Cameras are installed on your premises covering similar areas to that of your alarm detectors.

In the event of alarm activation on your premises the cameras will record any movement or other activity that caused the alarm activation. ISCL’s Monitoring Centre can identify that camera and observe activity until a Patrol Team arrive. All video is recorded and can be replicated for the Police.

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Access Control Systems

We install, maintain and support access systems including proximity cards, fingerprint and bio – recognition technology. These are presently installed in secure storage sites, transport operators (Fleet key access), are used as Time sheets for Staff while also controlling access to yards, buildings and separate offices within buildings.

These include systems that retain an audit trail of access (or attempted access) to sensitive commercial area’s including document and chemical stores, laboratories and boardrooms.

Perimeter Detection Systems

ISCL supply and install a wide range of beam (driveway, fence) and outdoor area detection equipment which is also monitored and response is provided by our Patrols in the event of activation.

Driveway beams are most commonly used in rural locations giving the client early warning of someone approaching the property. They protect homes as well as other buildings where an approach may be made to remove equipment, vehicles and fuel.

Area outdoor detection systems operate around buildings, more particularly homes and business properties. These detectors are installed on the basis that it is preferable to have an alarm activation while the intruder is still outside of the home. They are designed to acknowledge pets and bird activity and not activated in those circumstances.

These are often connected to outside lighting, alarm sirens including the “rural blaster” which operates at a sound level significantly higher than domestic and commercial alarms.

Parabeam® Standard is a high performance wireless gate alarm that sounds an alert in your home whenever a visitor drives or walks through its detection beam. It uses a proper photo-electric beam, making it more immune to false alarms than PIR based systems. Never miss a customer or intruder again.

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Monitoring & Communications

ISCL owns and operates a fully equipped Monitoring and Communications Centre.

Besides Alarm and CCTV monitoring we provide an after-hours call services such as: (Council related) calls directly into the Centre from Kawerau & Opotiki ratepayers and via an Independent Communication Centre for Whakatane ratepayers. We also provide a 24 hour call answering system for some of our clients.

We have found that our clients customers are more reassured to be in touch with a voice, than to leave a message on a machine. This is particularly noticeable after hours (overnight) when what is routine for our clients can feel like a major emergency for your customers. We filter out irrelevant and/or unnecessary calls, contacting the appropriate after-hours duty staff, saving them the hassle of constant inappropriate calls.

ISCL offers clients a choice of monitoring technology including standard “copper line, GSM and internet based IP solutions across all service providers. We can monitor the complete range of alarm systems located anywhere in New Zealand.

Medical & Duress Alarms

ISCL install and monitor Medical Alarms for people with a high risk of suffering a disabling illness or fall. These can be activated via a pendant or bracelet worn by the client.

Duress or Panic Alarms are located on the person working in a business or can be located near a cash drawer. These products are also utilised as “man down” or “lone worker” emergency buttons.

Effective in the event of illness, accident, intruder, robbery, attack or as an extra Health & Safety tool for your staff, these are increasingly popular devices.

Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance is fundamental to protect your investment and ensure reliable operation of the life of the system. We can have one of our qualified technicians come out, check and service your security system. Security system maintenance can identify and protect against component failure, enhance and improve your system.


Anyone can offer security, but not everyone can keep you and your property safe.